Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Defiance, racing rig, and the Defiant racing 66 Ford Econoline. Looks like someone wasn't hesitating in spending their kids inheritance!

The Wheelstander List and the Wheelstanding Fan Club has the race truck as the 1980 White Freightliner "Defiance" owned by Jerry McBee. And 1966 Econoline with an alky 392

Jerry McBee's 1960 White Freightliner, powered by an Allison V12 engine.  This was taken in 1981 at the Orange County International Raceway. He owned the Mcbee’s Silver Sands Motel

and 1983 at SIR Saskatchewan International Raceway, Western Canada's oldest drag strip.
Built in 1966 as the Southwinds Dragway, then later changed to Saskatoon International Raceway, and in 1986, changed to Saskatchewan International Raceway when the Saskatchewan Drag Racing Association took over as the track operators.

The truck was bought by Tyrone Malone and repainted pink. The truck is in Hastings Minnesota now, in the Stagecoach Museum with the Super Boss exhibition truck of Malone.  After Tyrone Malone's death his vehicle collection was sold intact to the owner of Stagecoach Express.

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