Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Triumph Motorcycles has not won the Moto GP, they've been in business for 115 years, but only one podium showing and never a win

Triumph began selling motorcycles 46 years before Honda, 48 years before Ducati, 50 years before Suzuki and 52 years before Yamaha.

Triumph has never had a serious go at Grand Prix racing in 68 years of world championship racing

AJS, EMC, Matchless, Norton and Velocette have won Grand Prix victories, but Triumph had better sales, so they never felt motivated to race.

From the very beginning the company rarely went racing and its attitude became the norm across the British industry in the post-war years, even when racing legends like John Surtees came knocking at the door. The Triumph managing director said "we don’t need to go racing because we can sell all the bikes we make,” recalls Surtees

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