Monday, January 09, 2017

Pixar's Cars 3 new movie preview trailers, the first one explains the 2nd a little bit, which is needed

McQueen is facing the possibility of becoming outdated by a new generation of Piston Cup racers. At the forefront of this new breed is Jackson Storm, a sleek, black machine with a new-fangled electric engine.

 When Jackson’s incredible driving — and possibly that grisly crash — cause Lightning to question his future, he gets some help from Cruz Ramirez, a tech specialist who wants to help Lightning find himself again.

 After some rigorous training and soul searching, Lightning returns to the track to prove to Jackson, the racing world, and himself that he’s still got it.

See about 30 images from the concept art and screen grabs from the movie at


  1. I'm curious to see how the dirt figure-8 track fits into the story.

    1. My guess is the old "Rocky back to basics" theme. Nothing new to that old story, just a new setting. The old champ needs to win over the new latest greatest, so he hits the farm and gets the eye of the tiger back.

    2. maybe a demo derby scene? In one brief shot, mcqueen is covered in mud, so, driving blind? Using the "force"? Some karate kid thing? You had me look around and get some more to put in the post, by the way