Monday, January 09, 2017

there is a lot going on in the pits here, so the photographer took several photos to capture the entire pit row (Sept 1963, Bridgehampton Double 500)

then turned to the right and took one photo I enlarged and cut into 3

then the photographer turned to his right a bit and took a shot of the rest of the pit row


  1. I followed your link to the Stanford photo collection. Wow, that is a great resource, especially for a blogger like you. The search function is nice for finding a particular person, car model, or racing series. Like the Detroit library archive, someone could spend days looking through all of the pictures.

    1. it's the REVs Institute, outsourced to Stanford to scan and store and I coul;d be happy taking weeks to look through all the photos. I'd ignore most, as it's just another car going past, unless there is a story to tell about it. But a few, like the pits photos, show some cool stuff. Sometimes there is something that stands out like a week or two ago when I leared about Kruse, brother in law of Von Dutch, and his pinstriped Jags and Maseratis