Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Wow, if you've been saving for the ultimate muscle car wagon, THIS is the car to buy and enjoy, a 1 of 1 bucket seat 4 speed 428 1967 Ford that's already been upgraded by a real car guy, Tom Cotter. It's auctioning on Bring a Trailer

THAT is some forest in the spring green right there.

And a car that's either going to get bought by a wonderful enthusiast who'll enjoy the hell out of it, bring it to SEMA, run it in the Optima Strret Car Challenge, Power Tour, etc,

OR it's going to get bought by a flipper and show up at the next 4 Barrett Jackson auctions

It's the only factory bucket seat 4 speed '67 Ford Country Squire Wagon.

PS, PW, PB, AC, upgraded to Wilwood front disc brakes, new clutch, FiTech Fuel Injection, Flowmaster Dual Exhaust

Tom installed the front disc brakes, replaced the leaky carb with fuel injection (hidden under the original air cleaner), installed a new clutch, installed a Flowmaster dual exhaust, and lifted the body off the chassis to replace the rubber donuts.

 A previous owner had the engine rebuilt. There's still more to do, however, even if you want to preserve that patina, such as getting the power windows and the air conditioning working.



  1. What a beautiful once in a lifetime station wagon. Love it.

  2. I'd never heard of such a thing? Wow

  3. My dad had a fire engine red 1967 Country Squire wagon in the early 70's. I was like 9-12 years old. Ours was a 390 with and automatic I think, wood paneling, roof rack, red interior.
    Spent many long hours haling a travel trailer around the western part of the states in that car. I was really heartbroken when he traded it in for a big green 73 Plymouth Sport Fury wagon.

    My dream was/is to get a 67 Country Squire and build it to tow my vintage race car, which is also still just a dream.

    1. this might be your opportunity for the right 67 wagon! It's already significantly upgraded

    2. Wow Dino, some parilles here. My Dad had a Country Squire wagon too. 390 ci automatic. which he purchased in 1970 I believe. It was the same color green as Cotter's. I'm surprised that Tom is auctioning his off as I watch his videos all the time. He loves driving it. Oh well, maybe he needs room in his garage for another project.