Monday, May 18, 2020

Thank you Greg for clanging the tip jar!

Greg left a note in the comment section:

Jesse, you are amazing on the quality of posts. I really enjoy this place. Feels good to visit here and get away from the corona lock down. thanks

Not knowing about the tip as that shows up in my email, I asked him to let the Pulitzer committee know he likes my blog.

Well, I'd be quite satisfied with life if my blog were to be awarded a Pulitzer for entertaining people with great quality content. That's not why I blog, but, who wouldn't be unbelievably happy to receive an award?

I can tell you, the blog award I heard of required a 400 dollar application, so, that's simply someone who connived a way to emulate the Hollywood Star of Fame method of making money to get paid to award someone. 


  1. I have a friend who won a Pulitzer Prize--Dan Neil, the Wall Street Journal's automotive writer. He calls it the Pullet Surprise.

    1. Wow! Tell him please, that I say congrats!