Wednesday, May 20, 2020

this 1958 250 GT, to me, says elegance, style, and good taste. Why the hell has no one been building these for the past 60 years. It could not be impossible for modern manufacturing to make a car that looks like this

Smooth, simple, a nice two seater for enjoying the drive and finding parking with ease. (unlike the luxo barges)

I don't care that it's a Ferrari. That's meaningless, neither you nor I will ever be able to drive it or afford it.

But look at that trunk. That could be a 60s Nissan, Mercedes, MG, etc. The doors? The hood? Ditto. There is nothing that screams out "Ferrari!" about this car in these two photos. It could be an Aston Martin, Jaguar, or a cross between a 56 T Brid and a 60s Alfa.

That's why it's a beautiful design. There is no brand specific design element that any other manufacturer couldn't have made then, or now.

I can imagine anyone in Europe, Japan, USA, Argentina, etc taking a car that looks like this out for a cruise on a well paved country road, and looking like they are having the best day ever, no care in the world.

I'm surprised Ferrari isn't making these still, though with a modern chassis etc for crash impact standards, with a couple airbags, small radio and speakers, with AC. You don't need to drive over a 100 mph, so you don't need an engine over 2 liters. This isn't a dragster, nor muscle car. It's a fun small commuter or grand tourer, and they should realize that compared to the ugly cars everyone makes now, that have zero appeal, this would sell like mad


  1. In a way it almost reminds me of a modern Thunderbird.

    Don in Oregon

  2. Looks like a bad copy of a Thunderbird. I think people haven't been building them because it looks like a bad high school science project rip-off of a good car.