Monday, May 18, 2020

Apparently, covering the car tires in this way re-classified the parked cars as "temporary structures" allowing them to park here all day without being in violation of a local ordinance. It's a loophole they figured out and took advantage of, according to the note that went with this photo

I can find nothing online that mentions this, but, how to even search on the topic?

The image also has no return on a google image search.

So, I've no idea if this was legit, or made up, or a local issue to any of a hundred different countries


  1. Probably a German campsite allowing tents and temporary use of cars for camping covered by a local ordinance. All the cars appear to be German about 1960 era. I have seen one other similar picture where the tires are covered.

  2. I don't know about "temporary structures", but when I was a kid I remember that people used to cover tires to protect them from sun. The girl sunbathing next to the beetle would also indicate that.