Saturday, May 23, 2020

Timer made in Switzerland for Italian bombers

I don't like the trend of so many car enthusiast websites and magazines have taken up in the past decade, going on about wristwatches that cost thousands of dollars that only the megawealthy can afford, as if the magazine readers are going on a shopping spree for the unobtainable ( the Porsche 914 and Steve McQueen's Tag Hauer from the movie Le Mans)

But showing time pieces like car clocks, and bomber timers for warplanes? No problem at all.
Even rally cars have that dual time piece mounted on the dash. But wrist watches for the wealthy? Not here. Not vehicle related, and car enthusiast websites and magazines went off the rails when they started with all the "lifestyle" fashion nonsense. 

This isn't the fathers day gift guide section. It's just appreciation for the mechanical time pieces used in the military

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