Monday, May 18, 2020

Ever hear of this motorcycle movie about Bonneville LSR racers (Land speed racing) "Out of Nothing" ? It's on Amazon Prime


  1. Looks good. Don't think well be seeing it in any theater though. That's too bad. Though I did hear some scuttle-butt that drive in theaters were going to be coming back. That be interesting as there are only a handful around the country anymore. Oh, nice picture of Sterling in his Maserati? for the baner.

  2. That looks like it will be awesome. I'll definitely be watching that one

  3. We have three within thirty five miles of Watertown still operating. We also have a military base which I'm sure helps immensely. Ft. Drum NY which between active members and their families adds about 35,000 people to the economy. Thank you Fort Drum!!!

    1. I just remembered, I posted about drive ins, in South Dakota, a couple weeks ago