Thursday, May 21, 2020

8 miles of bumper to bumper traffic heading North on I-75 to the UP as trolls head over the bridge

Maybe getting away from the flooding, maybe heading to family hunting cabins, or just getting away from the virus, as the UP is uniquely isolated, as there is not an interstate through the upper peninsula, and few tourists as there are no national parks. There is one island national park in Lake Superior, but again, nothing connecting it to land, and it gets fewer tourists than any but 3 Alaska parks, in the entire national park registry

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  1. Traffic like that is normal during the summer months. Northbound on Fridays, and Southbound on Sundays. I was born in Oscoda, and lived in Bay City until I was about 16. We would go to my Grandparents house at the southern edge of Huron National Forest. We would go up M13, US23, and M65 to get there instead of I-75 to West Branch, then east from there.