Saturday, September 08, 2018

There's a Studebaker Lark Daytona running at Goodwood, the only racing Lark Daytona 500 in Europe... and since there are no parts for those, it's running a Chev 283 and a Mustang axle. (Thanks Steve!)

During the final year of production, a limited edition 'Lark Daytona 500' model was also produced as a pace car for the famous Daytona 500 race in America.

This car is the only racing Lark Daytona 500 in Europe

It has been built on a no expense spared basis, originally by renowned single seater experts Fortec Motorsport and more recently by historic saloon specialists, Richard Moore Racing. The car runs with a top specification Peter Knight freshly prepared and fully FIA compliant Chevrolet V8 which gives circa 430BHP. The car runs to a minimum agreed weight of 1,200 Kgs in the Masters series and is also rev limited to 7,000 RPM.

The car is extremely competitive and has recently circulated Donington Park in early 1 minute 23, Goodwood in 1 min 30.3 and Spa in 3 mins dead.

It is offered with a host of comprehensive spares including 12 wheels and tyres, 2 limited slip differentials, spare body panels for front wings, doors, bonnet and boot (including moulds where appropriate) and many further assorted components.

It has been invited and competed at Goodwood 5 times over the last decade gaining regular top finishes in the Pierpoint Cup, the Jack Sears Trophy and the St. Mary's Trophy. In fact, at the 2018 Revival, it qualified third overall and finished second overall in the St. Mary's Trophy celebrity race, just behind eventual winner, Ash Sutton, after a race-long epic battle. and it's for sale 


  1. In action at Goodwood 2018.

  2. Gee,I thought the canadian studes came with bow tie power from the factory.

    1. darned if I know, maybe, but, then again, I didn't know that Studes were made in Canada

  3. Yep, the last plant producing Studes was in Hamilton, Ontario. When the supply of engines from South Bend dried up, they started installing Chevy engines in 1965.

  4. Yes, Chev engines from McKinnon Industries in St Catherines, Ontario. As far as I know the same engines used in the Canadian Chevs and Pontiacs we saw here in NZ.

  5. i saw this car compete at goodwood this year on fox.if its just running a 289 then i also believe in unicorns and fairys!its performance is astonishing i own a covertible and a hardtop i know what these things probably has a 307 which looks the same with a lot of 'work'.