Wednesday, September 05, 2018

hand crafted stainless steel 1979 Peterbilt, hard to miss that! Phil Langevin brought it to the 2008 MATS

Ultra-Custom Semi TrucksBy Bette S. Garber

Hand crafted, not factory produced

P.A. Langevin Transport is a privately owned and operated company located in Carleton Place, Ontario.


  1. Aren't stainless steel cars built using the tools when they're about to to be replaced anyway? I believe that was the case with a series of cars built in the 1930s by Ford.

    1. for the 3 Ford models in stainless... and that's the 1st time I've heard the idea that they were pounded out with the same dies, after the full run, and made on the production line to exit the dies out to the scrap metal pile... brilliant idea! Compliments on the analysis of the best method!
      I haven't heard much about any stainless vehicles, except DeLoreans of course. Those dies were used to anchor fish breeding farms off Ireland.

  2. I'd wager a guess that those trucks probably piss off a lot of folks driving on the roads on a bright sunny day. I'd also say the gals like them so they can do there make-up.