Friday, September 07, 2018

Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle in Addison, Illinois has been making some impressive cars year after year, in their Skunkworks Racing Division

in 2011 there was the Raybestos Brakes 1964 GTO-R,

In 2014 the Craftsman Tools 1965 Mercury Comet-R,

and the 1964 Plymouth “Violent” Valiant

and last year:

and the LeMans Corvette, which I'm not sure if I've photographed

hat tip to for reminding me that all 4 of these cool cars came from the same shop!

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  1. The 67 Chevelle is mine, I only have 1 regret on this build, and that regret is not having this car built by The Roadster Shop. bigest mistake of my life not having The Roadster Shop build the Rush Chevelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!