Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Thanks to Daniel Brown, we can kick back end enjoy (maybe learn and try ourselves) the incredibly satisfying and well made, expertly editted, Project Binky from Nik Blackhurst and Richard Brunning

this isn't part one, as I didn't start at the beginning, it's part 18, as I guarantee I have seen and admired the first 10 minutes, and when you catch the "trigonometry" snap, "to the white board" I'm sure you'll agree, this is a hell of a cool show, and now we simply need about 12 hours to watch the entire series so far!

"I then sat and stared at the situation a hour and a half more than would be considered polite" Ha!

After watching another 10 minutes, I wonder how this is not required viewing in high school metal shop classes!

I must add though, someone show them some oil for drilling and the lathe work!

(good grief they've been at this for 5 years already!)

Thanks Daniel!

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  1. I discovered Project Binky a couple of months ago and have watch from episode 1 right through and have to say it's worth it. The quality of work they do is stunning and it's all squeezed into their spare time so it's understandable that it's taken a long time.
    This is well worth a watch. If you ever get a chance have a look at a guy called Peter Anderson on you tube, I think you'll like his stuff.