Saturday, September 01, 2018

Ryan Montgomery’s never raced a motorcycle before, never built a racing bike before, and decided to make a junk 38 yr old Yamaha he found abandoned in Montana run on housemade ethanol for a Bonneville land speed record

“a bike built by a novice, ridden by an amateur, running experimental fuel to go as fast as possible"m

The record for his class — 750cc partially-modified bikes 1980 or older with alternate fuel — was just under 98 mph.

He went 114... on the left overs from vodka production (that aren't suitable for drinking)

Unfortunately, a couple days later, someone else went 140. Dennis Weinhold, the other entrant in Montgomery’s class, had a 1974 Honda CB750 bike that had almost 100cc on Sudden Wisdom’s 654. That gave Weinhold the speed to get his motorcycle up to 140 mph.

“I had figured that might happen,” said Montgomery, who with his wife Jenny owns Montgomery Distillery. “I got to be the record holder for about 72 hours and that’s good enough for me.”

But wow, taking  bikes around 4 decades old, to Bonneville on something other than gas... is a good trick. Pulling off a record run is incredible!

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