Sunday, February 25, 2018

Coolest thing I saw at the swap meet today, a collection of old tuning equipment, now garage art, priced to sell

this marvelous machine above I think is priced at $900

this is the only one I figured I had any potential to afford, and I was right. $175

Now, if I'd put his business card in my pocket, instead of my car, I'd put his info here. 


  1. Man, wish I had had some of that stuff back in the day when I was setting timing by ear (crank it up until it starts to ping, then back off a scoush) and setting dwell with a feeler gage! A timing light was high tech in those days!

    Love the swap meet pics!

    1. damn, without a timing light? How overpriced were they? I recall buying one from sears around 1991 for around 25. Now I have no idea what anyone charges, and inherited a couple timing lights and Sears or Penske tuning analyzers.
      It's crazy how many old things are hanging out in garages long after they were needed and used just the one time, by me or someone else long ago.
      I love hitting the swap meets and flea markets! Seeing what I can get for under 10 bucks that I want, can use, or am amazed by