Monday, February 26, 2018

the ultimate Oldsmobile street package for 1970, a 4-speed W30 Olds 455 @ 370 horsepower and 3.91 gears, that was garaged for 35 years due to loosing a drivers license in less than 2 years, at 40k miles. Unrestored

The first owner retained it until 1973, when it was sold at approximately 24,000 miles.

The second owner subsequently purchased a new home and placed the rare W-30 into storage there in 1976 after only an additional 15,000 miles of use.

The car remained hidden from the world there for the next 28 years until 2004, when it was rolled outside – still on its original Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires – and sold and flipped to a collector.

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