Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Due to corruption in contracting, and endless govt waste, cronyism, nepotism, fraud, and lack of oversight of projects wasting USA tax dollars on unnecessary foreign country projects, 43 million dollars was used to make a gas station in Afghanistan

Next time you talk to Senator Charles Grassley (R, Iowa) that wants your vote to get re-elected? Mention that you've heard enough money goes overseas, and you want a complete stop of all foriegn aid.

Charles Ernest Grassley is a lifelong politician since 1959, serving as the senior United States Senator from Iowa, the current chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he previously was a federal House of Representatives (1975–1981) and Iowa House of Representatives (1959–1975).

Of out of the 89 TFBSO contracts reviewed, worth $201 million, 43 used limited competition and sole-source contracting.

Of these 43 contracts, 7 contracts worth $35.1 million were awarded to firms employing former TFBSO staff as senior executives.

In other instances, TFBSO contracted with unproven organizations that performed poorly. In one case, TFBSO awarded two sole source contracts, worth a combined $435,504, to Al Ehsan Construction Company and Tak Dana Dry and Fresh Fruit Processing, to construct and equip a pomegranate cold storage facility.

Really? Can anyone even spell or pronounce pomegranate cold storage in Afghanistan? Or explain why one is needed?

SIGAR's audit of DOD's Task Force for Business and Stability Operations' (TFBSO) operations in Afghanistan found that $675 million in spending led to mixed results, waste, and unsustained projects.

But that's not going to stop another billion getting wasted this year, in that country.

It's time to fix the USA with it's own tax dollars, and the damn potholes that damage OUR vehicles here.


  1. Although 'ol Chuck does well for the state of Iowa, I was done with him before this. 59 years is too long in government. It's waayyy past time for some new ideas.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Probably justified the pom storage to encourage Afghani's to not make their living off of poppies, or some such folly. The gas station reminds me of the ones I'd see in Saudi, that were just a few years old, but barely functional because the operators had no idea how to keep them working.