Monday, February 26, 2018

Coffee and donuts video for anyone else who sorta likes watching a slow precise destruction of a small car


  1. The operator has very good control of the claw to be able to grab the wiring harness and pull it out.

    It's funny for me to watch this because any auto parts that go into European cars have to have documentation of the different materials used to make them, with the weight of each material. This is supposed to be so that they can recycle everything properly at the end of the vehicle's life. This guy is just ripping the car apart with little regard for what materials are in it, except for the wiring and computers.

    1. he's taking his time and doing a good job. I think he's putting everything in seperate bins, and likely by the plastic, steel, aluminum sorting method, plus wires, etc.

      His rig even has forks on the outer sides of the legs of the rig, so he can pull junk off the wiring harnesses