Sunday, February 19, 2017

Iohan Gueorguiev - pronounced Yo-Han, is biking all over the North American continent from the Yukon, to Colorado, and then through central America, and then the rest of the world

Originally from Bulgaria, he moved to Ontario Canada, and in April 2014, he started biking from Tuktoyaktuk, Canada

imagine being at some random place when a damn volcano erupts, and you're there with a camera!


  1. Wow, what a vision! I'm definitely going to spend some time at that website.


    Steve Z

    1. You're welcome! I'm going to take some time each weekend to catch up with his travels. I don't know how people do it, stay on the road for years on end. Last weeks post about the woman that won the Trans Am and the Tour Divide, she's been on the road for about 10 years... man, that is a long time without a bookshelf, shower, bed, and pet that you can call your own.