Sunday, February 19, 2017

If you enjoy watching Top Gear, this might also appeal in a similar way, Guy Martin Builds A Boat, fitting it out with the best of the English industrial revolution achievements, in that "challenge" kind of way where the show's stars have to do the work themselves

Season 1 episode one, above, handles things like making cast iron from iron ore and coke, and seeing the inner working of Wedgewood (if you don't know what that is, ask a rich granny, they love the stuff) who get the credit for the creation of the assembly line, and then a bit about tea and how that was something that created the break times at the office or factory... who knew!?!?  and I'm just as fixated on the making of the cast iron stove and such, as I am on any goofy Top Gear cheap car across a jungle challenge. So, enjoy!

 and the rest of the episodes

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