Monday, February 20, 2017

time to pause and reply... and let you all be the judge. I hearby open the People's Court, and you readers can be Judge Wapner and decide the case

someone who registered as Concerned Fan, only just now, to make the following statement, commented on the Blue Hotel Penske race car hauler post from earlier today and said:

Why is there No mention of the Two main guys who did the restoration? They work so many long hard hours to do this fabulous job with no extra incentives or now even the recognition they so rightly deserve!

So, I replied:

Wait... just reach down, and pull those knickers out of the knots and twisted mass... because you've gone and bunched them all up over nothing. As you might not realize I JUST GAVE THEM THAT RECOGNITION! You outraged person you. You went and created a profile, registered with Google, and left a comment, all so that you could point out that I'm not doing a good job at recognizing effort, work, and achievement.
Ahem. Take a deep breath. Now, one more for good measure, and slowly exhale, then read on.

I have this blog thing / website, and all I do it give recognition for things I find wonderful, (and I want to point out... I do not put my car on this site, nor my bike, nor my resume, nor advertising, and I do not make money in return for the time and effort) to post all the things I share with you, and everyone else that reads along with here.
Did you write me to mention my long work? In view of the fabulous (in my mind) job I'm doing with no extra incentives, and not much recognition from YOU?
SO, calm down, take a sip of something cool and tasty, and reflect on the 10 years and 27000 posts of stuff before you, on my site, that only I have created. You, didn't realize that I've put more hours by at least a factor of 10, and 5 times as many years, into this site, ALONE as they did restoring that hauler.
And you didn't realize that all it is, it's only function, is to SHARE THE COOL STUFF I FIND. That means, simply, I think it's cool, or it wouldn't be here.
I did my part to recognize the achievement of restoring that hauler, or you wouldn't have a gripe with me.
Maybe I don't appreciate the guys work in restoring that truck, maybe it didn't occur to me, maybe I was sorta putting that post up kinda fast to get them some recognition by people who will CLICK THROUGH to read the entire article, as I have A LOT OF SHIT going on. Not much of it pleasant.

SO, be kind, rewind. Click though, then YOU GIVE THEM SOME APPRECIATION like Bruce Willis or R Lee Ermey was screaming in your face! DO IT! DO It NOW! Sam Jackson is pissed as a motherfucker, and you know he is, that YOU AREN'T RECOGNIZING it! And you know Samuel Jackson, he will say motherfucking, a lot. And mean it.

YOU make a blog, and then write up an appreciation article. Or, you know what? I'll make it easier. You can use MY BLOG. You write up an article showing the appreciation and recognition about that hauler restoration, and if it's good, and well done, and original, I'll post it. Yes, yes indeed. Use the force Luke, don't go to the dark side where it's easy to hate, be the good guy, do the right thing. I dare ya. I double dog dare you!

AND IT TOOK 4 GUYS, not 2, 8000 hours, in two years. Says so right there in the article. "With assistance from Morgan Corporation and a dedicated group led by Penske Truck Leasing’s James Svaasand, Michael Klotz, and David Hall - along with Team Penske Historian Bernie King - it took over 8,000 man-hours to complete the Blue Hilton restoration process. '

Enjoy the retort! If I get way outta line, let me know. I'm just trying to use the situation for a bit of fun, and point out subtly the irony of telling me I'm not recognizing 2 years and 8000 hours by 4 guys, when I'm a solo act of 10 years and I can't begin to guess how many thousands of hours which this complaint failed to see as they told me I should do better. 


  1. I appreciate your efforts pal. :)

  2. Way to stand in your front yard and rant! :-)

    Seriously, thank you for what you bring us.

    1. well... if someone tells YOU that your efforts to bring attention to something wasn't good enough, wouldn't you reply similarly? I thought telling him he can do better and I'll post it was a nice touch though

  3. Well, I love this blog and anyone can click through and get more details if they want them.

    1. Thanks! So.. is he onto something? Did I miss the ship and exclude mentioning the guys that did the restoration, or is it ironic that he calls me out for not recognizing effort, in light of the topic only being on my blog because I am recognizing effort. Just not how he prefers. You're a publisher, I'd love your thoughts on how you would have responded if he'd said that to you

  4. Should have ended with, Get off my lawn, ya whippersnappers. ;o)
    Seriously though, I click through on most of your posts, and I'm disappointed when sometimes there isn't a link like when it's pictures you took at the GNRS and I want to know about the car.
    You have done a fantastic job of bringing more than cars, but planes, boats, engines. It's all cool and interesting, and many posts have sent me searching for things I never knew existed.
    I only wish You would let us donate a couple of bucks in return.
    Thanks x millions.

    1. Whippersnapper singular. That person hasn't bothered to reply in any method at all.
      Well... I know where you're coming from about the lack of info on cars at events, like the GNRS, SEMA, etc... but I'm a one man band, and I can't take the photos and juggle the info while beating the drum. It's one, or the other. It's mighty time consuming to get done what little I do. Some times a post requires 4 or 5 sources to get a full article written up, even as little as I do.

      I think you're onto it though, it's get a taste here, get the full course meal when you look it up. I can keep you full if you just sample a lot, but I'd never be able to put out a full spread if I made a full meal. I'm like that desert bar at the buffet. Nothing really chewy, just a lot of eye candy and pastries.

      Let you donate a few bucks? Wait, who the hell told you I'm opposed to that? Hang on a darn minute? I must have been hacked! Damn commie hackers! They removed my donate to the good cause section! Grrrrr!

      I've been looking for a sugar daddy with a 32 roadster to donate to the cause to! Where did my sign go? I thought I had this place plastered with pleadings for gas and beer money, money for dragstrip entry fees, etc.
      Damn, it's all gone!

      Well, I don't recall anyone mentioning donating before. That's very wonderful of you! I guess I oughta think that over, and maybe figure out some way anyone with a good reason to send me a tip could get the money to me.
      Until then, use that dough to have a cold one on me. Not an ice bucket challenge, nope, none of that. Something from a can or bottle, lightly carbonated or foamy, or smooth as silk. (Kesler's old slogan, my grandpa liked that stuff once a year)

  5. Sur, many if not most, sites have a button to click for donations to cover the expense of keeping things going. I will donate only if it's used for something illegal, immoral, or fattening. ;o)

    1. gas to speed with, and pizza and beer. HA! I'm getting either so forgetful, or so distracted I forgot to look into this. Thanks for the reminder!

    2. I looked around for helpful topics on the internet, and it looks like paypal is the go-to method. I've used it before, but only for paying for Ebay.

  6. Sadly Wapner passed away today...
    You know I just found you a short while back and I don't know how you do it...
    Your site is as fun as it is interesting...I hope you don't mind if I make a stoopid comment now and then.

    1. yeah, I just heard that on the radio this morning. Well, he was 97. Damn, that's a long life, and Bill Paxton died from surgery complications at 61.

    2. How do I do it? I waste all my spare time with looking at stuff, and then find some things that I want to share. I don't get much more than 6 hours of sleep a night, and that's why I make so many spelling and grammar errors. Glad you're enjoying it! Comment all you like, I get a kick out of them