Monday, February 20, 2017

Just one little problem with thinking Nascar is an American racing sport. Well, how can it be American when the engine blocks are all cast in England? Why don't they use engines made in the USA? Seriously, where is the MADE IN USA sticker?

Don't you think the cars and tires and engines should be American? Isn't that what Nascar was?

 Grainger and Worrall is an engineering and machining company in Telford Shropshire, England. It's near the center of England, jut west of Birmingham

They made all the engine blocks used by "Chevys and Fords" in the 2015 Daytona 500

They also make the engines for the Acura NSX, and the Aston Martin DB11, and they did the F1 engines in 2014, and the 2015 NHRA Pro-stock engines. They also make parts for the Veyron and the Mulsanne, and they make brand new heads for the Rolls Royce Merlin V12 airplane engine used in Spitfires, Mustangs, Hurricanes and the Lancaster bomber.

Sept 2015 issue of Car and Driver, page 26

FWIW, Nascar doesn't claim to be American, or Made in the USA I looked, and it doesn't. 

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  1. NA$CAR lost me when they started changing all the rules when Bill Elliott and his new 80s Thunderbird kept winning.

    the old rules said the race car body had to be EXACTLY like the model it claimed to be.
    the new 80s Thunderbird was very aerodynamic compared to everything else,
    to make the Monte Carlo more aerodynamic GM designed a new front bumper and grill, and had to sell 500 real passenger cars thru their dealers to use that grill and bumper in the race, they called it the Monte Carlo SS,
    then they made 500 more Montes, (and 500 Pontiac grand Prix )called the Aero Coupe that had a fastback rear window.

    when they started changing the rules so that all the cars were identical on the outside, and all the engines were the same, I lost interest.
    I chuckle every time they mention the model of the car on a TV broadcast, there is not a single bolt on the "Ford Taurus" that is shared with the real Ford Taurus.

    the outlaw sprint car series, the World Rally Championship is far more interesting to watch,
    heck the 24 Hours of Lemons is more entertaining to watch, seeing people race a $500 car for 24 hours is way more fun than watching millionaires drive around in a circle.