Friday, February 24, 2017

Robert Dunlop, did someone put a hit on him? 1998 3rd start of the Northwest 200 125cc class

Number 4, Dunlop, has space all around him, and 22 (David Lemon) hits him hard on the elbow from behind.  You can see there is plenty of room to HIS right side for 22 to pass without contacting him, even in the following snap shots

here you see his arm being straightened out

causing him to crash, and nearly killing him.

Was there a hit on him? Taking out the most likely winner is the easiest way to win.

Think I'm nuts? Tonya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan kneecapped. That's only 1 simple and clear example of a loser taking out a winner. Then in 2008 his engine seized and killed him. Now, for someone that had been racing and working on his own engines for 30 some years, what is the likelyhood that his engine would not be built right, and ready to race at it's best, vs, what's the chances that the same people who (in my theory) had a price on his head got someone to make a carb adjustment so it ran lean, overheated, and seized?

The Mirror (London, England) Date: May 18, 1998
Dunlop was leading the 125 class on all three occasions when it was halted. He came to grief at University Corner where David Lemon collided with him. Robert could be out of action from four to six weeks.

Last year in his TT comeback following a smash in 1994 he was third in the 125 class. On Saturday he was returning to the North West for the first time in four years.

get the full race up to that point, in the next video, the crash is at the 5:20, and you'll see that the whole field knew Robert Dunlop was going to win it, by this point in the 1st two starts he was in 1st place, just like this 3rd start of the race.

2 weeks later he won his class (ultra lightweight) at the Isle of Man TT, despite this crash, and the many crashes and wrecks before that which nearly killed him

I'm convinced Lemon targeted him, you judge for yourself. Why am I making an issue of this 19 year old race? Well, wouldn't you call this, if you saw it, regardless of how long it's been? Why not? If you suddenly learned who Jack the Ripper was, wouldn't you say so?

Hats off to Robert, he survived a brutal lot of crashes, and a rim that tore itself apart and nearly wiped him out. He didn't quit. He came back, and effing won.

Then in 2008 his engine seized at 170 mph. He died. Was his engine tampered with to run lean? Or to run out of oil? It was a very smokey start to the race for his exhaust. And in 1994, he rear rim broke from the hub.  I seriously doubt he used anything but the best rims, and for one to fail is rare

at the 31 second mark

Maybe I'm suspicious for no reason, and all 3 infinitely impossibly unlikely fatal things were circumstantial. Yeah, right. And the Kennedys were not jinxed. 


  1. I just saw the Jack Lemon crash for the first time ever, and googled this incident specifically to see what was said about this crash. Lemon CLEARLY leaned into Dunlop and elbowed him then centered himself on his bike again. Totally blatant. The other stuff, who knows, but this incident seems crystal clear. Noticed he did this on Dunlops weak side and his hand blew right off the bar from the force. It wasn't a racing incident run, it was a highly deliberate act.

    1. I agree, and yet it seems the world sorta ignored this, never took the bastard to trial, and Lemon never was convicted for it.
      Pardon the switch to other matters, but, I'm curious, was this post easy to find? Was it as thorough as you hoped? It's not often I post a murder, and it's rare that I research one... but Dunlop deserves the best I can do.

  2. i am not an experienced racer, but simply a fan of road racing, motoGP, and not knowing the Dunlop story was watching this particular race when the crash you are referring to happened and I remember clearly thinking damn rider 22 just took him out. Plenty of room to avoid contact, yet he didnt try to avoid rider 4. it looks like his intentions where to take him out and continue on. I hope I am wrong but that looks like what happened

    1. I'm not a rider at all, just a gear head grease monkey with a ridiculous amount of admiration for vehicular things and tools. I didn't know this story until 4 months ago. But it pisses me off, and having made this site myself, with no one to answer to, I post whatever I damn well please, and pointing out Lemon, #22 is an SOB who killed Dunlop gives me some satisfaction that someone will help karma along.

    2. I'm never going to be able to give Dunlop justice, or revenge, but I can show that he deserves it. That'll have to be my part. You know? You do what you can, when you can. That's being a man.

  3. I roadraced in the 1990's. I just saw the crash for the first time and also came online to see what was said about it. My take is that it was deliberate. There is a lot more dirty racing than the average spectator can see that goes on. Usually it's someone that's overtaking and will drive their line into hours forcing you to react, backing off of the throttle and praying that your front tire can handle the sudden extra weight. Sometimes it can't.
    Anyway another sign of a deliberate act to take him out is the line he set himself up for (hard inside) was planned. He had to drive the bike hard once the bump was made so that he'd avoid getting hit himself. Riders countersteer, essentially turning the opposite way they want to go. So hitting his right hand wad a sure way to send the bike at him. He knew that he'd have to leave the scene in a hurry. If it was accidental I would expect a normal racing line. These are subtle moves but to me are telltale that there was an effort to get him out of the race.

    1. Yeah... I'd like to know if the SOB Lemon was ever taken down for this shit. So, am I wrong to post about this, and show how Lemon was a POS? Or is it the right thing to do, to stand up for the guy who gets taken out in a deliberate hit