Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I don't know why this wasn't mentioned at the Diesel Brothers exhibit at SEMA, but they are working with Chuck Norris on a sweepstakes give away truck... called, what else, Truck Norris

if you go to the trucknorris.com website, you can learn about the truck features by putting your cursor over the red dots.

Right? So, to get the chance to win it, you have to register, join the "adventure" club, buy the merch which looks like Chuck Norris springwater, and the more you buy the more "trail points" towards a chance at getting the truck or something.

Look, retired actors have to do something to pay the taxes on their Texas estates. Chuck's hockin' bottled water. Why the hell not, there are a lot of people wasting money buying water, and very few buying karate clothes and belts.

I've never heard of Maverik stores, CForce water, or the tv show Diesel Brothers. And believe me, not watching commercials is a relief... If the commercials are any good, you'll either get told how good they are, or they'll show up during the superbowl or something. Hell, I just posted two, so you can get some idea of what this is all about, as it's how I tell you the news that I think is cool, or interesting enough to share.

Go to http://www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscreen/how-to-win-the-chuck-norris-brodozer-truck-on-diesel-brothers/, but turn your speakers down, those assholes think we want to hear a damn Cialis commercial. When did everyone start that? What the hell happened? Suddenly there is a blue pill commecial everywhere you go, and I'm fed up with it. We finally outlasted the bastards that spammed our emails with mortgage refi and blue pill bullshit, now it's all over the tv commercial time. 

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