Tuesday, December 20, 2016

keep looking around, and you see some things.. like a rally Barracuda in the back of the Beast of Turin build video


The Plymouth Barracuda Formula S was entered by the factory backed Team Star-Fish in the American Trans-Am racing series with drivers Richard Petty, Scott Harvey, Bruce Jennings and Charles Rainville.

A quote from Paul, the son of the late Charlie Rainville; " Do you recall the photo of dad and AJ crossing the start/finish line side by side on the first lap with the rest of the field not yet in sight at Sebring 66 ? Dad used to say "What that picture didn't show was that he and AJ were giving each other the finger"


The FIA requirement of a manufacturer building 500 models identical to what was applying to be raced was not adhered to very closely, Enzo made 33 of the 250 GTOs instead of 100, and how many of these race 1966 Barracudas do you think they made with plexiglass rear windows, 40 gallon fuel tanks, 318 engines, and headers?


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