Thursday, December 22, 2016

a coupld of Dayclonas out to crack the 300 mph at Bonneville, with a Ray Barton hemi, and a pair of big turbos

she goes 270 at redline, so, they have to change to some gears that will give it more top end

Back in 2004 it was featured in Hot Rod and was reported to have a Jerico four-speed crash box and a Ford 9-inch with a spool with 2.69:1 gears that were original to a ’58 T-bird.

The Charger carried 5,000 pounds without the driver. The stock gas tank is often filled with water for ballast, and regular ol’ Gabriel air shocks are used to level the ride. Overall, the suspension combo is frighteningly stock. You might enjoy the fact that there are no front brakes.

this one has went 284, without turbos

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