Thursday, December 22, 2016

of snorkels and spare tires, the Ferrari P4 in 1967 -68

Modified to run in the ’67 CanAm Series in the US. Chassis ‘0858’was then acquired by ‘Scuderia Veloces’ David McKay for one fabulous season in Australia

just look at the induction snorkels and that spare tire... quite a strange look indeed.

the caption to the above photo:
That ‘Australian’ spare tyre. Fitted as a consequence of our local sports car regs at the time. SV solution a neat one even if the weight is well outside the cars wheelbase…where else to put it!? Yellow stickers ‘Gatto Verde’ a gift from Alf Francis to McKay, McKay makes mention of it in his autobiography but not actually what the stickers mean/represent.

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  1. Totally awesome!! I was looking at those as well after you told me about the spare tires, it's so cool! Thanks man, and Merry Christmas to ya!!