Monday, December 19, 2016

in 2006 setting a new Formula 1 car land speed record over the Bonneville flying mile with an average speed of 400 kph was Honda’s PR mission they called the ‘Bonneville 400’ kph, not mph

For the runs out on the salt, the car was fitted with an upright rear fin instead of the standard wing and used a parachute to help slow down at the end of each run.

They broke F1 class records three times.

During the final attempts, the Honda set two LSR’s for GP cars. Over the flying mile, the car achieved an average speed of 397.360kph (246.908mph). The second record was over the flying kilometer, an average of 397.481kph (246.983mph).

Earlier in the week the car hit 400.454 kph on one pass of the measured mile. How about that, F1 cars can go out and knock on 250 mph.

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