Friday, December 23, 2016

the National Gallery of Victoria had an exhibition ‘Shifting Gear – design, innovation and the Australian car’ last summer, starring the Holden Efigy

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  1. The Hurricane and the Efijy were design studies that were meant to show off whats possible.
    The 2001 Monaro and the 1969 GTR-X were built with the intention of going into production. Unlike the Monaro the GTR-X was shelved by the bean counters at GM at the last minute.
    A six cylinder with triple SU carbs and a four speed, independent front end and four link rear. The initial prototype had a 190 bhp engine but was destined for a 230 bhp motor that was still being developed. Weighing in at 2300 pounds it had a top speed of 130 mph with the small engine. Arriving on the scene only months after the Hurricane, it shared many features.

    This one's in B&W: