Tuesday, December 20, 2016

maybe a change is coming to get construction vehicles onto natural gas and off diesel?

Looks like the natural gas burner above is brand new, and the diesel burner below is going extinct


  1. Look at that tag axle. I never seen one like that on a dump truck before, but then again I live in Wisconsin. I bet people from California have never seen a quad axle dump with two pusher axles. They are the rule in Wisconsin, but non-existent in Illinois, where they use semi-trailer dump trucks. This is all due to state laws dealing with span and GvVW. It is the reason why you only see transfer dumps and pup trailers in certain parts of the country. I think you could make up a very interesting post with pictures of how state laws determine the configuration of dump trucks across the country. I'd do it myself, but I just don't have the time right now.

    1. and I just haven't been hit with enough "oh wow" about dump trucks and state laws determining their configuration to care at all. Not that I wouldn't read someone else's article and be interested, but it took me an hour just to try and find info on my most recent post about soapbox derby cars sponsored by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby's publicity people. Turns out one photo exists on the internet with these two kids cars, and only because Wally Parks was there in the photo

  2. According to a guy I know who drives big rigs, CNG trucks produce a different kind of power. They run hotter, all the power is at the top of the rev range, and the exhaust is as clean as a baby's breath.