Sunday, December 18, 2016

Carroll Shelby in '56, hillclimbing. I'd never heard that he'd done that

Carroll Shelby guides his Ferrari 375 up the slippery Wilkes-Barre, Pennyslvania, Hillclimb setting a course record of 58.768 seconds for the on 20 July 1956

The 375 was owned by John Edgar, Shelby raced it for him at three ‘climbs in 1956; ‘Mt Washington’ on 15 July, then ‘Giants Despair’ and finally ‘Breakneck Hillclimb’ on August 5th. No doubt the 4.4 litre, 380bhp F1/Indy car was quite a challenge on the tight hillclimb courses!

Historian Michael Lynch noted; The cars original serial number was simply no 1.


  1. Going by the text I guess the headline date should be '56? I wonder if it was one of the Indianapolis cars?

    1. you got me! Thanks! That car is a 52

    2. I make lots of mistakes like that

    3. later that car was given a new Ferrari serial number, #0388

  2. The car that was renumbered as #0388 was, according to the site linked, the chassis #1 that Alberto Ascari drove at the 1952 Indy race. It had quite a few changes of specification after that, as many race cars did.