Wednesday, December 21, 2016

1967, Dick Thompson driving for team Shelby. Carroll is looking dressed to the 9s, but check out the rest of the details in the pits... like the tank level indicator hose

I may be wrong, but it looks look a welder with Oxy/Acetylene tanks, a floor jack, one pit crew member with an air impact wrench, and 3 guys loading fuel into the trunk gas cap filler.

I think it's a classy look to have the fuel barrels in the car colors too.

This was at Lime Rock according to the gallery of photos it's mixed in with

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  1. Ive seen another shot of this team in action, Side on it shows the crew in position.
    Mearly as an observation,
    Jack went under one side and both front and rear were changed simultaneously.
    The dark haired dude with the rattle gun, was front right.
    Baldy with the white pants and green shirt was left front
    Crouching dude with sneakers at drivers door was doing just what he is now, communicating with the driver.
    Mr black cap was at the left rear. and his fair hared counterpart was doing up lugs on the right rear.
    The guy in the middle was Fuel hose man.
    Looks like their struggling with a jammed fuel coupling with the driver looking on in anticipation.