Friday, September 30, 2016

What ding bat thought this was going to work?

New York-based Ideas That Stick has created a new device that can be easily removed by motorists after paying parking tickets over the phone.

 Called ‘Barnacle’, this plastic sheet obstructs the driver’s view by attaching to the windshield with commercial grade suction cups and can only be removed by a code put into the integrated key pad.

Except you can just look out your window and drive away, or remove your windshield with a screw driver and a knife.

Or, by deciding the damn thing is better off in a dumpster and you wanted a new pristine windshield without the chips and cracks anyway. Send it to the government who will likely think that whatever you've just delivered might be a bomb, and let them blow it up for you. Or, Discard the damn thing by the side of the road with a sign, saying, "Hey, this looks like a bomb" and the bomb squad will show up and blow it up.

Either way, whatever is less work, and a faster govt paid employee comes along, blowing up in case it's dangerous. Recent events show govt employees are mighty stupid, and scared of nearly everything, so, it's likely they'll just blow it up in the chance that it's a bomb

1 comment:

  1. Or carry an old fashioned ruler, ....its a suction cap!
    Slide it in, break the suction, break its spine and drive over it a couple of times.
    Then call the bomb squad.