Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Motorcycle Cannonball made it to the finish line in Carlsbad right on time, and there was a big crowd of family and supporters to meet, greet, and welcome them

proof that 100 year old motorcycles burn up quite a bit of oil internally and externally

1914 Warrick Motor Carrier

You've got 2 years to make ready a motorcycle over a 100 years old for the next Cannonball.... and it's seriously one of the coolest things you'll ever do. Bucket list or not.

During the trip, they passed through the Mojave Desert where it was 96 degrees, and entered the Joshua Tree National Park where it was 100 degrees. 


  1. The commemorative seat and footboard are cool. The best is the oil bottles rubber banded to the tool box. Nice batch of pics. I am envious.

    1. thanks! I am just fortunate that the route ended here, about an hour from where I live in San Diego. If it had ended anywhere farther I probably wouldn't have traveled to be there. It's certainly worth the effort, but the cost of driving farther, and the time it would take... plus I just dislike the sweating all day now that I'm older and fatter... and prefer to stay in front of my laptop with air conditioning on hot days! But this is a monumental event, and I'll go and try to do it myself some day.