Monday, September 26, 2016

the USA... land of the car loving enthusiasts for over 100 years, and also, the country at war with driving

Speed traps,
 abnormally low speed limits,
gratuitous court fees,
 registration fee hikes,
rising insurance rates,
criminally high tolls,
license plate cameras,
speed cameras,
the loss of street parking in urban areas,
 taxes on parking garages,
and parking tickets.

We’re told it’s for safety, for progress.

Yet, there’s nothing being done to improve average citizens’ skills through the cheapest of all methods: Education.

The DMV driving test? Doesn't test your ability to drive, nor your knowledge of all the driving laws. (See )


  1. Jesse...please,

    Educate people? why the hell would you want to do that?
    Its not about being a better driver. The DMV wants everyone to pass.
    It helps their stats and generates revenue. Driving instructors teach you to pass the test, and they get paid. Just keep the que moving and everyone's happy. Being a good driver is up to you, that's why we have insurance.

    Constable Kodak is yet but an infant for you guys. Cameras will be a big part of everybodies life soon. They never take a day off and generate a ship load of cash. Licence plate, red light, speed and the best of all, point to point speed averaging on highways.
    This one's a real pearler, it can calculate if you have exceeded the speed limit in the time it takes you to travel between two points.
    Not bad hey? Eeeeasy Money...

    As a motorist the future is kinda bleak. If you think parking is an issue now. It don't get any better. Urban parking will require a permit. And no, their not free.

    Parking garages? What choice do you have? Where else you going to go?
    Thats why the planners gave permission to build them in the first place. Create a dependancy, and then slowly but surely sneak in some new improved fee structures. Easy.

    Safety, It's a great crutch.
    Covers all bases and argument.
    Don't get me wrong, drum brakes make excellent landfil, and seat belts are well worth investing in. But its also a great opportunity to sell inferior underpowered cars that loose their youth quickly, but have many, ...many air bags.

    Not because their good cars........but because they are safe cars.

    The U.S.A is not alone or immune to this new scurge.
    Just yet to succumb to it.

    1. I've seen the speed ticket cameras in action, Phoenix had them. Lots of cities are finally getting rid of the stop light cameras though, they finally learned that the lawsuits defeated the profit principle and they gave up when they started losing money. One guy even took to defeating the stop light cameras by wearing a monkey mask. The law says that they have to give the ticket to the driver, and the mask kept them from legally identifying him. Another guy just painted over the camera lenses

  2. Here, the infringement notice is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. Being the registered owner, you are responsible for it.
    If another driver was operating the vehicle when the offence occured, it can be forwarded on to the offender to pay. Otherwise, your it.

    So, with all the windscreen obstruction and driver vision impairment laws, its ok to drive around in a monkey mask?

    1. it's not ok... but, neither is speeding, and we do that too. It's simply wrong to give the ticket to the registered owner... only whomever was driving was responsible to not break the laws... the registered owner is simply the person that must pay the registration fee and taxes in order that the government have a way to find the owner if the vehicle is stolen, or is involved in a collision... at least, that was the reason that was given when some asshole started this whole registration nonsense so long ago.