Friday, September 30, 2016

seems to work fine in perfect conditions, with empty trailers, but if just one small rock gets in the way of that pallet jack tire... Bonk goes progress! The Electric Tug V-move Trailer Mover


  1. It must have been built for moving faulty trailers.

    Trailer brakes still lock without the air lines connected, don't they?

    1. I think so, but, I also saw on their website that they sell a model with additional features like an air compressor set up so the brakes are operated.

  2. I stand corrected.

  3. only thing I can think of using it for is placing trailers in really tight spots for use as storage units but as you have pointed out the tiny tires on the pallet jack wouldnt work on anything by perfectly smooth concrete

    Im sure a used Spotter truck would cost less than that jack

    A spotter truck is the kind with the 5th wheel hitch on airbags so you can raise the trailer legs off the ground to move it around the parking lot, also has no back on the cab, so the driver can just spin around and hook up the air lines without climbing down.