Friday, September 30, 2016

The Green Monster #11, with a Allison v12 and some funky painting on the valve cover

Art's mom painted the teeth on! She was going for the Flying Tiger motif

1959 Nationals

At just under 17 years of age, Art joined the United States Navy. He was sent to diesel mechanic school, then assigned as a mechanic to a landing craft in the Pacific Theater. This was a very good job for Arfons to utilize his mechanical talents. He participated in two battles including the invasion of Okinawa, and then was discharged after three years, as a Petty Officer Second Class. He returned to Ohio, was married, and had two sons and a daughter. In 1952, he and his half-brother Walt became fascinated with drag racing and built their first Green Monster. In this endeavor, they were supported by their mother, who was also fascinated by the sport. Art and Walt continued their drag racing partnership with a series of Green Monster cars until the late 1950s


  1. That should be an Allison V-12. Poor Allison never gets respect compared to Merlin just because they never used a two-stage supercharger...

    1. Ok, I was just passing along the info from the source without fact checking. That would be impossible due to the amount of content I post everyday, so thanks for keep things in line for me!