Friday, September 30, 2016

Cop who owned 3 Ferraris, and a BMW convicted of stealing $277 in county gas. Too stupid to stay out of the headlines

A Miami-Dade police officer may get up to five years in prison after making the county’s gas pump his personal fueling station.

Sgt. Emil Van Lugo, an aficionado of extravagant cars, owned three Ferraris and his wife had a BMW. He was convicted and could face jail time for stealing $277.25 in county gas.

Lugo was captured on video making weekly trips to a county fuel depot and filling up his patrol car and two spare gas cans. Investigators said he stole gas for 50 consecutive weekends.


  1. Hilarious, But it does make you wonder how a cop on a cops wage can ethically have 3 Ferrari's and a BMW?
    Obviously having trouble making ends meet on a limited income, must have paid cash for the cars.

    Yeah, some drug dealers cash, a bit of smugglers cash, and a little hookers cash......

    1. well, we can guess that he bought the cars with the hook up of knowing when and where they were going for auction.. etc. SO, you can get the cars cheap if you know the score.. but it's the effing insurance that ought to cost more than an effing cop can afford... and the reason so many Ferraris have so little drive time and limited mileage? The Ferrari warranty is only good if you bring it in for dealership tune ups every 3 or 4 thousand miles. That goes for 5-15 thou, depending on the model. I shit you not.

  2. My wife works in insurance and only told me yesterday about a guys new Lambo and his insurance costs,......$7900.00 au p/mth.

    Exactly right for the servicing.