Thursday, September 29, 2016

those fun Hagerty people are going to bring another dead vehicle to Hershey, and bring it to life with swap meet parts! This time, a Model A car frame

Hagerty’s “Swap to Street Challenge” kicks off on Oct. 4 at the AACA Hershey fall swap meet, Starting with the remnants of a 1930 Ford Model A, four Hagerty employees will attempt to build an entire car in four days using parts sourced at the meet. The entire build will be streamed live, then we’re planning to drive the vehicle 750 miles back to our home offices in Traverse City, Mich.

In addition to a Model A chassis and a non-working four-cylinder flathead engine, the car includes a three-speed manual transmission and its original mechanical brakes. Everything else will have to be located by scouring Hershey’s massive swap meet – more than 9,000 vender spaces covering 85 acres surrounding the Giant Center and Hersheypark.

For updates on the team’s preparations and more details on the vehicle, visit If you’re planning to attend the meet, please stop by and watch the build, which will be located on the Chocolate Field near the pedestrian bridge. Those of you who want to watch from home can subscribe to the livestream here:


  1. Last time they cheated, and got an engine from someplace besides the swap meet.

    and with a Model A, why would they bring their own chassis?
    I bet you could find a frame and all the parts you need to construct a Model A at the meet.

    showing up with a rolling chassis is kinda cheating too, if you ask me.

    1. well... it's a matter of time and cost. There isn't any point to showing up with tools and cash of they can't find a decent frame. So, showing up without a frame is a bad idea. You'd have to write off the entire week. They have too much involved to let it get killed off by not having a good frame. They intend to not take it back to the shop and then tear it apart and start all over again, so, start with a perfect base... everything else is simple to replace, relatively. And they brought a whole truck last time, frame and body. This time, they aren't short cutting that much. yes there was something about the engine, but I recall they bought it and paid for it at the swap meet, and the seller had to get it from home. I've seen a lot of signs and photos selling things the seller didn't have time or space to bring to the swap meet. I can realize the futility of bring everything you have to sell, and then having to rent twice the size booth space, and waste all your money and effort but no buyers happen to want your stuff, and you lose out. and that's why I'm cool with renting a small space, only bring some stuff, and the rest can be a pin up board with photos of the cars and engines you have to sell, that are still at your garage. Cool by me. As for showing up with a roller... hey, it's not that common to have an insurance company toss down time and money for a publicity stunt like this, I'll give them a standing ovation just for being cool enough among their contemporaries to try a stunt like this, not once, but twice!