Friday, August 20, 2021

Tony Hawk interviewed by Sean Hayes, Will Arnett, and Jason Bateman had an epic question from Will:

 I don't listen to many podcasts, and I seem to enjoy the celeb interview podcasts the most.

So when listening to "Smartless" with Sean, Will, and Jason, I was enjoying the q and a while learning even more than I've already found out about Tony Hawk... and this does bring up a lot of new info of interest about Tony.

Anyway, the awesome question came from Will, and was "Do yo have a lifelong battle with security guards? Like, when you see a security guard, cause they are the people that are trying to keep you from skating everywhere, when you see a security guard does your back arch up a little bit, and you're like, here comes my enemy!"?   at 25:54

The Skatepark Project, formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation, is a skateboarding organization that helps communities build public skate parks for youth in underserved communities, so far, they've funded about 640 skate parks 

To-date, almost 600 recipients of grants from The Skatepark Project have opened their skateparks. These parks receive more than 6-million visits annually by youth who benefit from the active lifestyle and camaraderie the facilities promote.

After receiving thousands of e-mails from parents and children across America who did not have a safe, legal place to skate and in some cases arrested for skating on public property, Tony Hawk decided to establish a nonprofit organization whose mission would be to serve this population. He wanted to help them develop quality places to practice the sport that gives them much needed exercise and a sense of self-esteem. So in 2002 he established the Tony Hawk Foundation, financed the organization with a personal gift, and assembled a Board of Directors that represents a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise.

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