Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Last weekend, there was a neighborhood power outage during a wedding. Thankfully their Ford employee friends used their F-150 PowerBoost hybrid with Pro Power Onboard to bring the party back to life

Ford CEO Jim Farley tweeted a video of the F-150 wedding incident on Wednesday, thanking the Ford employees for their ability to "bring the party back to life!"

All of a sudden, the whole backyard turned black.

The music stopped. The lights went out. Everyone just stood — still.

Sadness filled the air. The wedding party had to end. No one could see anything.

"I thought, 'Oh, crap.' But then we heard a generator across the street go on," said the groom Vetrivel Chandrasekaran, 31, a mechanical engineer from Farmington Hills. "And this friend, Harish, said, 'Yo. I have an F-150. I can just plug it in.' I said, 'Wait, that could actually work?'"

So, on that weekday night around 10 o'clock in August, after a big rainstorm delayed the reception nearly two hours already, this happened:

They plugged in power cords for tent lights, music and a massive sound system with speakers, amplifiers and microphones. The truck itself had four power outlets but multiple items were plugged into power strips and those were plugged into the truck.

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  1. thats cool.
    I dont have a $80K electric F-150, but I have a $1,100 Honda EU-2200 generator.
    we had a storm a while back in the spring that knocked out power to our neighborhood for a week.
    was so nice to quietly run the ceiling fans and internet and TV and lights and fridge on 1.5 gallons every 24 hours. wasnt enough juice for the AC, that would take alot of power.