Sunday, August 15, 2021

I wonder how many Messerschmitts ever did parade duty, in Wisconsin? Probably just this one, and who would guess it would be a cool little parade car?

Orin Benson, a nationally acclaimed dog trainer I've never heard of, and I grew up about a 100 miles away

Orin Benson was a pioneer trainer of hunting and field trial retrievers. After working at the famous Boalt Kennels in River Hills, Wisconsin, he opened his own training facility in Eagle, Wisconsin. There he drew clients from coast to coast.

 Over the years he befriended a wide range of customers including politicians and movie stars. Some of the notable ones were: Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Gene Autrey, Clayton Moore, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Andy Devine and Prince Phillip of England.


  1. Jessie,
    Thanks for posting pictures of my KR201, tomorrow evening the car will be on display in Eagle Wisconsin at the historical society open house. (8/17/21) It has now been restored to exacting factory specs.

    1. Jesse does not have an I in it, Jesse Owens, Jesse James, etc.
      You're welcome! That's a great old car you have! And that it's been in Eagle all these years is amazing!