Thursday, August 19, 2021

Led balloon

I had no idea this video would pay respects to the Auto Union, Horch, DKW, Wayfarer, etc. I think that is awesome


  1. That was a fun video. They really brought out some iconic cars and drivers.

    We had a water balloon fight on the last day of school, I think in my junior year of high school. The village cop pulled up right behind my car as everyone was leaving the scene, so I couldn't drive away. He held onto my driver's license until I got some other kids to come back and clean up the mess. In the mean time, someone threw a balloon at the windshield of a truck going the other direction and shattered the glass. I wouldn't have thought that could happen until I saw it.

  2. Awesome montage of Auto Union(Audi) vehicles ! Just Awesome to see those Legendary drivers involved as well!! Lovin' it.