Tuesday, August 17, 2021

By the way, I get a couple of these a week.... and they never get me to take them up on their offer

 Hello Sir/Mam,

I need a Paid Post with a permanent do-follow link at this


1:- Let me know the price for the Paid post.

2:- Also price for adding a link in an existing post.

3:- If you accept articles in languages other than English.

4:- Do you accept essay related articles as well?

5:- Do not add disclosures/sponsored tags.

6:- Payments are sorted in 7+ business days after posting via Paypal

I am Waiting for Your Reply.


  1. But... this one did!

    1. did I mis-phrase that? Let me try again, these don't entice me to take them up on their offer. I don't satisfy them.