Saturday, August 17, 2019

the Suanders Rose Princess flying boat


  1. That would be Saunders-Roe! Thanks :-)

    1. 39,830 posts.... so far. There are going to be misspellings. Plus, I've been doing this a while, and could lose it at any moment. So, in summation, choose carefully how many times and why, that you'd like to send in corrections to something like spelling errors.
      Having said all that, I'll say this too... I do appreciated a well worded correction, which yours would be without the link to a wikipedia article. Just toss me a correction without that, and we're jake. Unless it's Monday morning and I haven't had coffee. In which case, you'll ruin the happy fuzzy little self hugging feeling I've produced from a morning of blogging cool fun stuff.
      In other words, I'm just barely keeping an even keel, need coffee, not corrections. So, if you know a coffee store that could be my next home, with wi fi, and a soft place to sit for hours and hours, tell me that, instead of this