Friday, August 16, 2019

Did you hear that there had been a plan to get a high speed train from LA to Las Vegas? Well, there is also one to make a high speed train go from Las Vegas to Victorville - if the state of Nevada will go along with some tax cuts for the work and infrastructure

but they had meetings about it a couple months ago, and Nevada said hell no.

So, the project simply stays an idea until the company that is planning to privately fund it returns to the state capitol when a new group of politicians gets elected.

Seems no elected official is in a real hurry for high speed rail. California simply can't afford it. Nevada won't give a tax abatement for it.

The real issue is that California also won't widen interstate 15 from Victorville to the Nevada border. It's 185 miles, if I read correctly, and that's probably a billion dollars if they do it this year, double that every other year to keep up with inflation and higher fuel costs for all the construction equipment

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  1. the elected officials in Cali have spent what, about $5 BILLION taxpayer dollars and have constructed how much rail line with it so far?