Wednesday, August 14, 2019

bumper mounted hammock shelter

I like this... simple bumper mount hammock, with a mosquito net sleeve over it... how is that not a good day or night good bit of rest?

Now, since the gear isn't labeled or called out, I looked around the internet for something that fits the look and description

and then you need the bug net: for $60.00

or the bug net and hammock, the following is about $220.00, or buy the bug net without the hammock for 60

but this is $200.00

but there are a lot of cheaper netted hammocks out there, for as little as 60 dollars

about halfway down

or the hammock mounts that you brace under the tires alongside your vehicle since, well, who needs a bumper mount for a trailer hitch on a car?

Of course, there is also the compact folding hammock

or this one that is about a foot longer when collapsed

This is the Gear Guide portable folding hammock

this is the Mac Sports and is roughly $90, and 26"x 90"

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