Wednesday, August 14, 2019

on what is clearly a gentle curved road, people repeatedly failed to turn and stay on it... of course, they might be as blind as the police chief, who states that it's a "straight road"

The chief said the accident was still likely some form of distracted driving, as there seems to be no other good explanation.

“If you saw it, it’s a really straight stretch of road,” Chief Galvin

Does anyone want to tell me the image above is straight?

ok, then since that police chief can't see straight, or a curve, whichever the case maybe -  I read the rest of the news article.

Guess what I found? The writer has a problem too... and describes the collision as taking place on both "Central Street (Route 62)" and  "River Road East was closed overnight between Gates Pond and Marlboro Roads after a car ran off the road and hit a pole"

tell me, how can those descriptions both tell where the car went off the road, as those roads are different, and with some distance between them

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  1. Chief, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but you better get those eyes examined.